Thank goodness for the choppers

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Thank goodness for the choppers

Te Araroa’s Sonya Howland was at home with her husband, a family friend and three children when a fall off a chair left her in agonising pain. Sonya was at full stretch, reaching to get something out of a cupboard, when she felt the chair tip. Trying to regain balance, Sonya over compensated and tumbled to the floor. She was in agony and unable to move. Her family feared she had done catastrophic damage to her back.

The ECT Rescue Helicopter was scrambled and Sonya was airlifted to Gisborne Hospital. “The pain was excruciating and we were really quite scared. Two and a bit hours on a bumpy road with a back injury would have been a nightmare. Thank goodness we have the ECT Rescue Helicopter,” says Sonya. 

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