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What should’ve been a day to let off steam before senior exams at a West Auckland beach quickly turned with the tide for 16 year old Paris, her older sister Maddison and four friends. “All of a sudden, we were out of our depth”, Paris recalls of the little she can remember.

Pulled beyond the shore’s safety, desperately trying to stay calm. Energy waning in wake of the ocean’s unrelenting power, the group had little time to seek help or escape. Something that became increasingly unlikely the longer they were at the mercy of the elements.

Paris wasn’t faring well and her young life could be cut short if left untreated. Within minutes of being tasked, the Chopper touched down, with the crew working to stabilise her. “We could see Paris wasn’t getting enough oxygen” Intensive Care Paramedic Josh Sanders recalls. Thanks to the quick aid of the Chopper, she was able to complete her first exam the following Wednesday.

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