I lived because of my rescue helicopter

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I lived because of my rescue helicopter

On 7th September 2013 just on a year ago I had been walking through the redwoods, watched some kayaking and was settled in for a rugby match. I experienced a sharp pain in my chest and it moved to my back, I txt my husband over the other side of the field and he came over with the ambulance who happened to be at the rugby match. I was promptly transported to Rotorua Hospital where I was told to gather my family together as I was in a critical condition having experienced a Type A Aortic dissection and they were waiting for a theatre confirmation from the leading specialist from Waikato Hospital and I would be helicoptered over there. The clock was against me with every second crucial to get me into theatre to stand a chance of survival.The ward was bustling with different specialists and plans were made to get the family over to Waikato. The staff at Rotorua Hospital we're beyond amazing and the fact the head doctor had experience with what I was having she recognized the symptoms immediately and realized that time was of the essence. Caroline and Richard the lovely Helicopter team who together with the hospital put me in the chopper and off into the sunset. I must point out at this time that I was a healthy 49 year old woman, so this came as a huge surprise and so the emotional rollercoaster began. Safely secure in the helicopter we climbed into the night and looked down onto the city, in my mind the realization that I should enjoy my first time in a helicopter as the reality of survival was slim...Caroline sat in the back with me and kept me pain free and on arrival in Waikato I was greeted with my 17 and 19 year old children, saying goodbye was gut wrenching but I knew I was where I was meant to be and only because of the wonderful helicopter getting me there el prompto...time was of the essence and I was wheeled to theatre feeling helpless! It was out of my hands now....8 hours later and I came to with the next 24 hours critical if I would survive and my body would accept the mechanical heart valve I had to have along with the dissection repaired.... Time, tick tock, my family waited...I came through the ordeal and was thrilled to have Caroline and Richard come and check up on me as they knew it was a miracle I survived and the part they had played as the event unfolded. It's been a traumatic year and yes it has truly taken a year for recovery both physically, mentally and emotionally. Needless too say we are now members of the rescue helicopter and St. John's. Feeling blessed to be alive, it sure changes your view on life as a survivor! Many many thanks.

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