Cliff Rescue

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Cliff Rescue

My rescue story: After a track gave out leading to a 10m drop and tumble I was left dazed & battered halfway down a cliff face north of Piha. Fortunately with no damage to my head and nothing broken I was able to call emergency services who dispatched the Westpac helicopter - which arrived within 30 minutes of my call. They sent a man down & winched me up from the cliff into the chopper. By the time I had the harness around me I knew I was safe. The skill, professionalism and good nature of the pilot, rescue and medical team kept me at ease. They walked me into Auckland hospital with impressive full body abrasions and bruising but miraculously no permanent damage. I was discharged 8 hours later. This story could have ended so differently and I am beyond gratitude. You never know when you or someone you love may need this service, and to this day it blows my mind that it was all free. I will be donating generously for the rest of my life and reach out to you to consider supporting them through their appeal month ❤️

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